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Radio On (1979)

London DJ Robert (David Beames) is driving from London to Bristol in a battered old Rover to uncover the mystery of his brother’s suicide.

En route, he discovers himself in bizarre and surreal situations as he meets people as lost as himself – a squaddie on leave from Northern Ireland, a German woman called Ingrid (Lisa Kreuzer) on the hunt for her child, and – most bizarrely – garage attendant Sting doing an Eddie Cochran impression.

Radio On defies description. It is scriptless, slow, and incoherent and seems aimless, pointless and futile. Best not to analyse it too much.

It was directed by a former film critic (Christopher Petit) who clearly had a Wim Wenders fetish, which explains why it’s shot in black and white and features a soundtrack full of Krautrock synth music.

You’ll enjoy the photography if you like art student pretentiousness.

David Beames
Lisa Kreuzer
Sandy Ratcliff
Andrew Byatt
Sue Jones-Davies
Just Like Eddie
Sabina Michael
German Woman
Katja Kersten
Paul Hollywood

Christopher Petit