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Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins (1975)

Alan Arkin plays Gunny Rafferty, a former marine now working as a driving instructor.

To say his life is limited and lonely would be a great understatement. He has a mind-numbing job, lives in perhaps the second-worst apartment in film history (just behind Ratzo’s place in Midnight Cowboy) and drives the worst car in movie history.

One day – while consuming his usual sandwich and scotch on his lunch break in the park – he encounters spacey and sensual would-be country singer Mac (Sally Kellerman), who is accompanied by wised-up tough-talking teen runaway Frisbee (MacKenzie Phillips).

The two women force Rafferty to take them to New Orleans at gunpoint.

But Rafferty isn’t protesting. He doesn’t care about staying in or getting back to California.

After a little while, the two women see that he’s not going to run off and they all go exploring together, including a side trip to Vegas. It can’t last but the journey is fun.

Alan Arkin
McKinley ‘Mac’ Beachwood
Sally Kellerman
Rita ‘Frisbee’ Sykes
Mackenzie Phillips
Alex Rocco
Alan Boone
Charles Martin Smith
Billy Winston
Harry Dean Stanton
John Beachwood
John McLiam
Reverend Culpepper
Richard Hale
Louis Prima
Sam Butera
Arch Johnson
Young Woman
Barbara Colby
Incessant Talker
David Proval
Gas Station Attendant
George O’Hanlon Jr

Dick Richards