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Ragman’s Daughter, The (1971)

Married with two kids, living in a council flat, and recently dismissed for pilfering from his job in a Nottingham cheese warehouse, Tony Bradmore (Simon Rouse) reflects on his youth when he led a carefree life as a petty thief.

Meeting Doris (Victoria Tennant), the pampered daughter of a scrap metal merchant (“the ragman’s daughter”), she joins him in his stealing activities and the two spend their time racing around the countryside on Tony’s motorcycle.


Eventually, Tony is caught and sent to borstal where he hears that Doris is pregnant. Upon release, he finds that Doris has been killed in a car accident after marrying another man.

Doris Randall
Victoria Tennant
Tony Bradmore
Simon Rouse
Tony aged 35
Patrick O’Connell
Reginald Marsh
Tony’s wife
Jane Wood
Tony’s mother
Brenda Peters
Tony’s father
Brian Murphy
Doris’ father
Leslie Sands
Doris’ mother
Rita Howard

Harold Becker