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Reckoning, The (1970)

“If I can get away with that, I can get away with anything”

Michael “Mick” Marler (Nicol Williamson) is a successful and ruthless businessman working his way to the top in London while enduring a loveless marriage with his trophy wife, Rosemary (Ann Bell).

Returning to his childhood hometown of Liverpool upon the death of his father, he discovers his Dad died because he was attacked by some bikers, led by Jones (Christian Rodska).

Confronted with his lost Irish working-class roots, Marler decides to take his revenge without involving the “English po-leece”.

In the process, he goes on a journey of self-discovery that ultimately makes him even more loathsome. Marler is a gritty, ice-cold anti-hero – repulsive and slimy, especially to women – yet the depth and realism of his character makes him all too human.

Rachel Roberts shines as Joyce Eglington, a sexually aggressive doctor’s receptionist.

Jackie Pallo has an amusing cameo as a wrestler bemused by an all-in brawl amongst the audience at his fight in a working men’s club.

Michael Marler
Nicol Williamson
Rosemary Marler
Ann Bell
Lilita De Barros
Tom Kempinski
Kenneth Hendel
Douglas Wilmer
Barbara Ewing
Hilda Greening
Zena Walker
John Hazlitt
Paul Rogers
Marler’s Mother
Gwen Nelson
Christine Hargreaves
Dad (John Joe)
Ernest C. Jennings
Joyce Eglington
Rachel Roberts
Dr Carolan
Godfrey Quigley
Father Madden
Desmond Perry
Patricia Gratton
Pop Group
The Spectrum
Aloysius “Cocky” Burke
J.G. Devlin
Don Steadman
Spencer Churchill
Jackie Pallo
Tony Charles
Edward Hardwicke
John Normington
Mrs Reynolds
Joan Henley
Sir Miles Bishton
John Hussey
Donald Douglas
Mrs Garner
Sheila Gish
Mrs Davies
Clare Kelly
Joby Blanshard
Aunt Tess
Catherine Finn
Aunt Nellie
Jean Campbell
Aunt Christina
Marjorie Hogan
Christian Rodska
John Malcolm

Jack Gold