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Red Sky at Morning (1971)

Red Sky at Morning is a sprawling account of a young boy growing up during World War II and learning the lessons of prejudice.

Young Joshua Arnold (Richard Thomas) moves with his mother and father from Alabama to New Mexico in 1942. His father, Frank (Richard Crenna) is going into the Navy and wants to leave his wife and son in the part of the country he loves.

His wife, Ann (Claire Bloom) is a clinging Southern belle – although her accent lapses into British occasionally.

When Joshua goes to his new school he is promptly set upon by two Mexican American boys and rescued by ‘Steenie’ (Desi Arnaz Jr) who explains that as an “Anglo”, Joshua is in a minority and looked upon with suspicion by the Indians and Mexican-Americans.

Steenie and his friend Marcia (Catherine Burns) form a tight friendship with the newcomer and the trio has a series of perilous adventures, with Joshua constantly attacked or threatened by one particularly hostile Mexican boy.

Red Sky is overly long and the film’s modern dialogue – aimed at capturing the 70s youth audience – is completely unrealistic for 1942.

Joshua Arnold
Richard Thomas
Marcia Davidson
Catherine Burns
William ‘Steenie’ Stenopolous
Desi Arnaz Jr.
Frank Arnold
Richard Crenna
Ann Arnold
Claire Bloom
Jimbob Buel
John Colicos
Romeo Bonino
Harry Guardino
John Cloyd
Strother Martin
Amadeo Montoya
Nehemiah Persoff
Chango Lopez
Pepe Serna
Lindo Velarde
Mario Aniov
Viola Lopez
Victoria Racimo
Gregory Sierra
Venery Ann Cloyd
Lynne Marta
Velva Mae Cloyd
Christina Hart
Elizabeth Knowles
Linda Burton
Excilda Montoya
Alma Beltran
Paolo Bertucci
Jerome Guardino
Joy Bang
Joaquin Garay
Miss Rudd
Karen Klett

James Goldstone