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Removalists, The (1975)

On his first day in the police force, Constable Neville Ross (John Hargreaves) learns the ropes from Sergeant Dan Simmonds (Peter Cummins), an experienced officer who hates corruption, but never pays for a hamburger.

When two women come to report a wife-beater, the sergeant gets the victim to strip off part of her clothing, saying her bruises must be photographed. Fiona Carter (Jackie Weaver) thinks the request is legitimate but her older sister Kate Mason (Kate Fitzpatrick) recognises the sergeant’s sexual motive but plays along.

When Fiona’s husband Kenny (Martin Harris) refuses to let her take her furniture, the sergeant arranges for a removalist (Chris Haywood) to visit their flat.

Kenny knocks him down as the policemen and the women arrive. Sergeant Simmonds warns Kenny about his abusive language, then punches him, ordering Ross to handcuff him. The violence escalates as Kenny provokes the older cop.

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None of the others tries to stop the beating. Eventually, Constable Ross joins in but goes too far and panics when he thinks he has killed a man on his first day as a policeman.

Sergeant Simmonds warns of grave consequences. As the two police officers argue, Kenny gets up again.

The Removalists had been the breakthrough play for Aussie playwright David Williamson.

Constable Neville Ross
John Hargreaves
Sergeant Dan Simmonds
Peter Cummins
Kate Mason
Kate Fitzpatrick
Fiona Carter
Jacki Weaver
Kenny Carter
Martin Harris
Chris Haywood

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