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Return of the Pink Panther, The (1975)

The inept Inspector Clouseau sets out to unmask a notorious international jewel thief believed to be behind the theft of a priceless diamond – but anarchy, as ever, follows wherever he goes.

With his career flagging, Peter Sellers repeatedly returned to his Inspector Clouseau role, and everyone should be appreciative.

This is Blake Edwards and Sellers working together at their best, producing memorable moments of film comedy. Clouseau’s attempts to woo Catherine Schell with his Bogart-style chat-up lines had even his co-star in fits of laughter, which they thankfully kept on screen.

It’s not as good as the first in the series, but still great fun.

Inspector Clouseau
Peter Sellers
Sir Charles Litton
Christopher Plummer
Catherine Schell
Chief Inspector Dreyfus
Herbert Lom
Colonel Sharki
Peter Arne
General Wadafi
Peter Jeffrey
Chief of Lugash Police
Grégoire Aslan
David Lodge
Graham Stark
André Maranne
Burt Kwouk

Blake Edwards