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Revenge (1971)

Grieving parents Jim (James Booth) and Carol (Joan Collins) Radford discover the man who allegedly kidnapped, raped and murdered their young daughter, Jenny, has been released by the police because of a lack of evidence.

Publican Jim is persuaded by his best mate Harry (Ray Barrett) to hunt down the suspect, Seely (Kenneth Griffith) and extract a confession from him.

Aided by Jim’s 18-year-old son Lee (Tom Marshall), Jim and Harry abduct loner Seely and lock him in the pub cellar where they beat him to a pulp under the watchful eye of Carol.

Since they now dare not let him go – nor despatch him in cold blood – keeping Seely a secret from the police and the pub’s punters while they decide what to do next proves a challenge which threatens to tear the family apart.

“I don’t know what’s come over us,” says Carol, as she eagerly submits to sexual assault by her stepson Lee – who is unable to perform for his girlfriend Rose (Sinéad Cusack) – in front of the tortured and beaten man.

All the while, there are suggestions of nice cups of tea, and people saying “I’ll think of something” as the problems escalate.

To top it all off, an element of doubt arises as to Seely’s guilt.

Released in some markets as Inn of the Frightened People, Behind the Cellar Door and Terror from Under the House.

Carol Radford
Joan Collins
Jim Radford
James Booth
Ray Barrett
Sinéad Cusack
Kenneth Griffith
Lee Radford
Tom Marshall
Jill Radford
Zuleika Robson
Donald Morley
Barry Andrews
Artro Morris
Patrick McAlinney
Angus MacKay
Geoffrey Hughes
Nicola Critcher

Sidney Hayers