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Scars of Dracula, The (1970)

Christopher Lee thought this was his weakest Dracula sequel, but Hammer horror fans like it because the Count has more screen time here than in any other episode.

There’s also a palpable dark fairy-tale atmosphere achieved by director Roy Ward Baker as Dracula tries sinking his fangs into naive Transylvanian travellers Dennis Waterman and Jenny Hanley.

scarsofdracula01Propping up the formula vampire tale are a memorable death-by-lightning climax and more blood, sadism and silly rubber bats than ever before.

Count Dracula
Christopher Lee
Simon Carlson
Dennis Waterman
Paul Carlson
Christopher Matthews
Sarah Framsen
Jenny Hanley
Patrick Troughton
Michael Gwynn
Wendy Hamilton
Anouska Hempel

Roy Ward Baker