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Scobie Malone (1975)

Jack Thompson stars as Detective Sergeant Scobie Malone, who is investigating the death of high-class prostitute Helga Brand in a story based on a novel called Helga’s Web by Australian author Jon Cleary.


The body is found in the basement of the Sydney Opera House and Helga turns out to have had a sideline in blackmail – so her clients, including Cabinet Minister Walter Helidon (James Condon) and the film producer brother of one of the richest men in Sydney, are obvious suspects.

However, their position means that they need to be handled with care.

Malone lives in a singles apartment complex surrounded by plenty of topless young women lazing by the pool who are only too willing to jump into bed with him.

His assistant, Constable Russ Clements is played by Shane Porteous, who went on to fame and fortune on the long-running Aussie TV series, A Country Practice.

Judy Morris overacts wildly as Helga Brand in the lead female role. Her lover, Jack Savanna, is played by comedian Joe Martin in his first straight role.

Noel Ferrier co-stars as the banker, Mr Sin (pictured at right), who runs a crime syndicate. Look out, too, for Bryan Brown in a bit part as a uniformed policeman at the Opera House.

Scobie Malone
Jack Thompson
Helga Brand
Judy Morris
Constable Russ Clements
Shane Porteous
Norma Helidon
Jacqueline Kott
Walter Helidon
James Condon
Jack Savanna
Joe Martin
Captain Bixby
Cul Cullen
Mr Sin
Noel Ferrier
Police Inspector
Walter Sullivan

Terry Ohlsson