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Scream Blacula Scream (1973)

After a dying Voodoo queen chooses adopted apprentice Lisa (Pam Grier) as her successor, her son Willis (Richard Lawson) – who believes he is the “real” heir to his mother’s title – plans his revenge by acquiring the bones of Blacula and bringing him back to life to aid in his mission.

Things don’t go to plan and Willis is enslaved by Blacula who then heads out on a search for blood.

Blacula knows Lisa has the power of voodoo and the ability to remove the curse of Dracula from his body. But will she use her power to save Blacula, especially with the body count increasing all around her?

William Marshall is excellent once more in the title role, as is the always-wonderful Grier as the voodoo queen and Scream Blacula Scream is arguably a better movie than Blacula (1972).

It’s played straight, the production values are higher and the overall story has a little more substance. But for pure entertainment value, it doesn’t quite match up to the original.

Blacula/Prince Mamuwalde
William Marshall
Justin Carter
Don Mitchell
Lisa Fortier
Pam Grier
Sheriff Harley Dunlop
Michael Conrad
Willis Daniels
Richard Lawson
Lynne Moody
Janee Michelle
Barbara Rhoades
Bernie Hamilton
Arnold Williams
Prof. Walston
Van Kirksey
Pimp #1
Bob Minor
Pimp #2
Al Jones
Ernesto Macias (as Eric Mason)
Sybil Scotford

Bob Kelljan