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Scum of the Earth (1974)

From the makers of Don’t Look in the Basement (1973), Scum of the Earth introduces newlyweds Helen (Norma Moore) and Paul (Joel Colodner) who go to a secluded backwoods cabin in Texas for their honeymoon – what could possibly go wrong?

Paul is axed to death by an unseen killer when he goes back to the car for cigarettes. Panic-stricken Helen runs into the woods, only to find redneck Odie Pickett (Gene Ross) as her only saviour.

He takes her back to his dismal shack, where his pregnant and abused wife Emmy (Ann Stafford), idiot son Bo (Charlie Dell), and available-since-she-was-12 white trash daughter Sarah (Camilla Carr) give her a real “family” welcome.

Odis then subjects Helen to a night of drunken abuse, culminating in rape. All the while, Paul’s murderer lurks in the woods outside, waiting to kill again. The killer’s identity is finally revealed in a truly silly ending.

The dialogue is bad, you could drive a truck through the holes in the plot, and you may well feel the need for a shower after watching Scum of the Earth.

Re-released in 1976 as Poor White Trash II.

Odis Pickett
Gene Ross
Emmy Pickett
Ann Stafford
Helen Fraser
Norma Moore
Paul Fraser
Joel Colodner
Sarah Pickett
Camilla Carr
Bo Pickett
Charlie Dell
Hugh Feagin

S.F. Brownrigg