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No Sex Please, We’re British (1973)

Originally a Box Office hit on the stage in 1971, No Sex Please, We’re British concerns the impact of a sex shop (The Aphrodisia Bookshop ) on a suburban high street, where it is flanked by the Christian Reading Room and Barclay’s Bank.


The plot is simple and farcical – A bank clerk (Ronnie Corbett) receives the sex shop’s delivery by mistake and the harder he tries to get rid of it the more he ends up with.

Meanwhile, the most unyielding anti-porn campaigner (Arthur Lowe) inadvertently screens a blue movie to an audience of bird-watchers (including a rapt vicar) and is eventually ‘recognised’ by two prostitutes as a regular customer.


The main location scenes were filmed in the High Street and surrounding cobbled alleyways of Windsor, as well as the famous Long Walk leading to Windsor Castle itself.

Brian Runnicles
Ronnie Corbett
Bertha Hunter 
Beryl Reid
Leslie Bromley
Arthur Lowe
David Hunter
Ian Ogilvy
Penny Hunter
Susan Penhaligon
Arnold Needham
Michael Bates
Daphne Martin
Cheryl Hall
Inspector Paul
David Swift
Park Keeper
Deryck Guyler
Valerie Leon
Margaret Nolan
Reverend John Mower
Gerald Sim

Cliff Owen