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Sex Thief, The (1973)

This British comedy sexploitation movie is a cut above the usual standard for the genre, containing both plot and characterisation.

Handsome pulp fiction novelist-turned-cat burglar, Grant Henry (David Warbeck) seduces his female victims as well as robbing them, performing so well between the sheets that the lady of the house is generally happy to lose her jewellery in return and give a false description of him to the police. In one instance, he’s even invited back for an encore.

Breast-obsessed cop Sergeant Plinth (Michael Armstrong) tries to track him down (“who could disguise himself as a clubfooted coloured midget one week and a 6’6″ Russian with a hair lip the next’?”) while his boss, Inspector Robert Smith (Terence Edmond) is in love with pretty female insurance investigator Judy Martin (Diane Keen).

He is alarmed when she sets herself up as bait for the burglar, but ought to be more worried for the burglar since she turns out to be sexually insatiable and a black-belt in karate.

Meanwhile, shameless Hollywood producer Guido (David Landor) and dizzy blonde American actress Jezebel (Deirdre Costello) try to drum up publicity by claiming that the thief raped her seven times. Enraged that his name has been tarnished, Henry buys a plastic gun and stalks the actress, catching her in the bath before reenacting her made-up scenario.

The supporting cast features the lovely Jennifer Westbrook, Harvey Hall and Christopher Biggins, and there are plenty of rather explicit sex scenes and lots of nudity.

The film was released in North America as Her Family Jewels with additional hardcore inserts (performed by stand-ins for the original cast members).

Emily Barrow
Jennifer Westbrook
Grant Henry
David Warbeck
Henry Rayner
Herbert Barrow
Gerald Taylor
Sergeant Plinth
Michael Armstrong
Inspector Robert Smith
Terence Edmond
Judy Martin
Diane Keen
Guy Hammond
Christopher Neil
Harvey Hall
Gloria Maley
Porky Prescott
Christopher Biggins
Christopher Mitchell
Eric Deacon
Florinda Prescott
Susan Glanville
Deirdre Costello
David Landor
Dave Carter

Martin Campbell