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Shout at the Devil (1976)

The period is 1913 – just a few months before the First World War is about to erupt in an explosion of slaughter and devastation unequalled in history.

The territory of German East Africa is ruled over with a Hunnish iron hand by Commissioner Fleischer (Reinhard Kolldehoff), the bane of whose life is Flynn (Lee Marvin), a hard-drinking, hard-fighting ivory poacher.

Flynn is safely based just inside Portuguese territory from where he makes raids into Fleischer’s country in search of the coveted ivory.

Flynn has long cherished a lunatic ambition to sail into the German-held Rufiji Delta and claim the territory for Britain. He figures that during the inevitable row between Britain and Germany he could slip quietly downstream with a load of the precious ivory.

All he needs is a fall guy to carry the can, and he turns up in the shape of Sebastian Oldsmith (Roger Moore), a guileless, public school type who falls easily for Flynn’s blandishments.

Sebastian is even more impressed when he meets Flynn’s lovely daughter Rosa (Barbara Parkins).

Enchanting backgrounds, marvellous special effects, excellent acting and solid direction combined to make Shout At The Devil one of the most colourful and spectacular movies of 1976.

Colonel Flynn O’Flynn
Lee Marvin
Sebastian Oldsmith
Roger Moore
Rosa O’Flynn/Oldsmith
Barbara Parkins
Ian Holm
Commissioner Herman Fleischer
Reinhard Kolldehoff
Gernot Endemann
Von Kleine
Karl Michael Vogler
Horst Janson
Captain da Silva
Gerard Paquis
Mr Smythe
Maurice Denham
Mrs Smythe
Jean Kent
Cynthia Smythe
Heather Wright
El Keb
George Coulouris
Mr Raji
Renu Setna
Lt. Phipps
Murray Melvin

Peter Hunt