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Sisters (1972)

Arguably Brian De Palma’s most bonkers thriller, Sisters is essentially two movies for the price of one.

Depending on your experience watching it, Sisters is either a straight Hitchcockian mystery or an experimental freakshow freak-out. Either way, it’s fascinating.

Margot Kidder’s murder suspect mesmerises, but Jennifer Salt’s journalist Grace Collier is the headline act here. Well, alongside De Palma’s probing camera and a clinically insane final sequence.

Danielle Breton/Dominique Blanchion
Margot Kidder
Grace Collier
Jennifer Salt
Joseph Larch
Charles Durning
Emil Breton
William Finley
Phillip Woode
Lisle Wilson
Arthur McLennen
Barnard Hughes
Mrs Peyson Collier
Mary Davenport
Detective Kelly
Dolph Sweet

Brian De Palma