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Sitting Target (1972)

Harry Lomart (Oliver Reed) is a vicious robber and murderer who is prepared to serve his long prison stretch secure in the knowledge that, on his release, his beautiful wife Pat (Jill St. John) will be waiting for him.

And then he gets the news that every man in jail dreads – his wife has found a new lover, got pregnant and wants a divorce . . . *and* he’s lost his appeal so will be banged up a lot longer than he had hoped.

Obsessed with exacting some bloody revenge before skipping the country, he stages a spectacular escape with fellow inmate Birdy Williams (Ian McShane), gets his hands on some guns, heads to London and turns very very nasty.

Hard on Harry’s heels is Police Inspector Milton (Edward Woodward).

Cue the car chases, shoot-outs and a spectacular climax – all earning Sitting Target one of the first “X” certificates for violence.

The prison sequences were filmed in the abandoned Kilmainham Jail in Dublin, which was also used for The Italian Job (1969) and McVicar (1980).

Harry Lomart
Oliver Reed
Pat Lomart
Jill St. John
Birdy Williams
Ian McShane
Inspector Milton
Edward Woodward
Marty Gold
Frank Finlay
Freddie Jones
Jill Townsend
Gun Dealer
Robert Beatty
Soapy Tucker
Tony Beckley
Prison Warder Accomplice
Mike Pratt
Prison Warder One
Robert Russell
Prison Warder Two
Joe Cahill

Douglas Hickox