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Skateboard (1978)

For enthusiasts only, Skateboard was an exploitation quickie that cashed in on the current skateboard craze and told the story of down-and-out theatrical agent Manny Bloom (Allen Garfield) – owing money to everyone from his ex-wife to the mob – who recruits a few expert young skaters and forms them into a professional team – “the Los Angeles Wheels” – promising them fame but with dreams of big bucks in his heart.

One of the members wins a $20,000 downhill race, thus helping to liberate the agent from a threatening bookie.

Teen singing sensation™ Leif Garrett had a starring role as a scrappy kid named Brad, with the rest of the cast comprising Kathleen Lloyd, Richard Van Der Wyk, Tony Alva, Steve Monahan and David Hyde.

George Gage wrote the film with Richard A Wolf and provided the unsubtle direction himself.


Manny Bloom
Allen Garfield
Millicent Broderick
Kathleen Lloyd
Brad Harris
Leif Garrett
Jason Maddox
Richard Van Der Wyk
Tony Bluetile
Tony Alva
Peter Steffens
Steve Monahan
David Hyde
Antony Carbone

George Gage