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Slaughter (1972)

Vietnam veteran Slaughter seeks revenge for his parents’ murder and is arrested for killing the gangster he thinks is responsible. However, the cops tell him that the real killer is still at large, and recruit him for a mission to Puerto Rico to bring the crime boss in question to justice.

With a title to die for – literally – this piece of blaxploitation tries to cash in on the supercool black avenger image institutionalised by Shaft (1971). But it’s set at such a fast pace by director Jack Starrett that you scarcely feel the pot-holes of the plot.

Jim Brown is the former Green Beret on a trigger-happy vendetta against the underworld mob responsible for killing his parents. It has the ruthless efficiency of a well-oiled automatic weapon – and as much characterisation.


Jim Brown
Ann Cooper
Stella Stevens
Dominick Hoffo
Rip Torn
Harry Bastoli
Don Gordon
Kim Walker
Marlene Clark
A. W. Price
Cameron Mitchell
Frank Morelli
Robert Phillips
Marion Brash
Mario Felice
Norman Alfe
Little Al
Eddie Lo Russo
Buddy Garion
Roger Cudney
Juan Jose Laboriel
Francisca Lopes De Laboriel

Jack Starrett