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Slave of the Cannibal God (1978)

Italian horror supremo Sergio Martino managed to persuade former Bond girl Ursula Andress into this now notorious jungle adventure – and even got her to appear in all her naked glory.

Andress plays Susan Stevenson who mounts an expedition – with the help of her brother, Arthur (Antonio Marsina) and explorer Edward Foster (Stacy Keach) – to search for her scientist husband who is lost in the New Guinea jungle.

The group meet up with the mysterious Manolo (Claudio Cassinelli) who helps in the search and discover that Susan’s hubby has gone in search of the Puka – a secret tribe living on a remote mountain called Ra Ra Me (which translates as “Mountain Of The Cannibal God”).

Many of the group are killed along the way by members of the cannibal tribe and when they do arrive at the mountain, it is the Uranium in the rocks that Susan and her sleazy brother seek for financial gain rather than locating her husband.

Her plans are scuppered when the tribe capture her and Manolo and take them to their mountain lair, believing that Susan is a goddess. They simply kill (and disembowel and cook) her brother.

Filmed in Sri Lanka, the film (originally titled Mountain of the Cannibal God) was banned in the UK until 2001 for its graphic violence, mostly enacted on animals – a giant snake eating a monkey, tribesmen slicing open a large lizard, and a number of others.

Susan Stevenson
Ursula Andress
Professor Edward Foster
Stacy Keach
Claudio Cassinelli
Arthur Weisser
Antonio Marsina
Father Moses
Franco Fantasia
Consul Burns
Lanfranco Spinola
Carlo Longhi
Puka Body Painter
Claudia Rocchi
Akushula Selayah

Sergio Martino