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Sleeper (1973)

In this delightfully sparse but fanciful futuristic comedy, Woody Allen plays health food store owner Miles Monroe who goes to the hospital in 1973 for a routine operation and is placed on ice and awoken from hypersleep 200 years in the future.

He finds a world gone farcically awry – and worries a lot about the arrears of his Social Security payments.


To avoid capture in this Brave New World of pills and orgasm machines, Miles has to pose as a robot slave when dingy socialite Luna Schlosser (Diane Keaton) gives a dinner party.

After finally revealing his true identity to her, he kidnaps her and they go on the run, fall in love, and she becomes a born-again rebel.

Woody eventually revives the long-forgotten idea of love and wins Keaton over, even when his wooing at a farm full of monstrous vegetables and animals is subject to constant comic interruptions.

It’s probably Woody Allen’s tightest, most disciplined work to date.


Miles Monroe
Woody Allen
Luna Schlosser
Diane Keaton
Erno Windt
John Beck
Doctor Melik
Mary Gregory
Doctor Tryon
Don Keefer
Doctor Agon
Don Mcliam
Doctor Orva
Bartlett Robinson
Rainer Krebs
Chris Forbes
Doctor Nero
Marya Small
Doctor Dean
Peter Hobbs
Ellen Pogrebin
Susan Miller
Lou Picetti
Herald Cohen
Brian Avery
Spencer Milligan

Woody Allen