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Slipper and The Rose, The (1976)

The Cinderella story got an updating in the popular British musical The Slipper and the Rose.

American Richard Chamberlain (as Prince Edward) and Irish Gemma Craven (as Cinderella) led a mostly British cast of stage and screen veterans in a song and dance reworking of the familiar fairy tale.

In this version of the story, Edward is heir to the throne of the tiny kingdom of Euphrania. His father, the King, wants him married for political alliance, but the Prince believes in true love.

Outside the castle walls, young Cinderella is reduced to a life of domestic slavery when her wicked Stepmother takes charge of the home. The girl’s Fairy Godmother shows up to brighten her life, helping her with her chores and preparing her for a shot at true love.

The Prince has announced a bride-seeking ball, and with the Fairy Godmother’s help, Cinderella goes masqueraded as Princess Incognita.

The Prince falls desperately in love with this mystery “Princess”, but Cinderella must leave before the magic wears off, leaving behind only a glass slipper.


The Prince mounts a desperate search for the slipper’s owner, while the King still insists his son find a royal bride.

The classic story benefited from modern tongue-in-cheek dialogue, detailed period sets, lovely Austrian locations and a score from Richard and Robert Sherman, who composed the Oscar-winning music from Disney’s Mary Poppins.

The brothers received another Best Score nomination for this film, as well as a nomination for their original song, The Slipper and the Rose Waltz. The Sherman Brothers’ score also included such memorable tunes as Position and Positioning and Protocoligorically Correct, tunes sung over and over by fans of this bouncy Cinderella fantasy.

slipperrose8Prince Edward
Richard Chamberlain

Gemma Craven

Michael Hordern

Lally Bowers
Lord Chamberlain

Kenneth More
Dowager Queen

Edith Evans
Fairy Godmother

Annette Crosbie

Julian Orchard

Margaret Lockwood

Christopher Gable
Lady Caroline

Polly Williams

Keith Skinner

Rosalind Ayres
Major Domo

John Turner

Sherrie Hewson