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Soft Beds, Hard Battles (1974)

This World War II comedy from Shepperton Studios stars Peter Sellers in multiple roles.

His international co-stars include Lila Kedrova as Madame Grenier, the resourceful ‘Madame’ of a brothel; Curt Jurgens as von Grotjahn, a German general not entirely in step with his Fuhrer; and Beatrice Romand as Madame Grenier’s innocent niece from the country who soon learns about life from her worldly-wise aunt.

As the Germans sweep victoriously into Paris, Mme Grenier and her girls bid a sad farewell to their French and English clients as they philosophically prepare to service the elite of the occupying German forces.

Under the patronage of one of Madame’s early admirers, von Grotjahn, it looks as if the Grenier establishment will flourish. However, fate in the guise of a British Intelligence officer decrees otherwise.

He involves Madame in daring plots against the German High Command and much to her surprise she becomes an honorary colonel (code name: Venus) in General de Gaulle’s Free French Forces, managing to keep one step ahead of a highly suspicious Gestapo chief.

The hilarious climax sees Hitler’s design to blow up Paris foiled. while Madame and her brave ‘girls’ are decorated by a grateful French President.

The glamorous international beauties playing inmates of the brothel include England’s Jenny Hanley, French brunette Francoise Pascal, Polish redhead Rula Lenska (making her film debut), blue-eyed blonde Daphne Lawson, Belgian-Russian Carolle Rousseau, Gabriella Licudi (of Greek-German-Spanish descent) and Creole actress/model Hylette Adolphe from the French island of Mauritius.

Released in some markets as Undercovers Hero.

Général Latour
Peter Sellers
Major Robinson
Peter Sellers
Herr Schroeder
Peter Sellers
Adolf Hitler
Peter Sellers
M. Le Président des Forces Spéciales
Peter Sellers
Prince Kyoto
Peter Sellers
Madame Grenier
Lila Kedrova
General von Grotjahn
Curt Jurgens
Béatrice Romand
Jenny Hanley
Gabriella Licudi
Françoise Pascal
Alan Cassidy
Rex Stallings
Rula Lenska
Daphne Lawson
Mlle. Tom-Tom
Hylette Adolphe
Carolle Rousseau
Vernon Dobtcheff
Kapitan Kneff
Douglas Sheldon
General Erhardt
Thorley Walters

Roy Boulting