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Spanish Fly (1975)

Beloved comic actors Leslie Phillips and Terry-Thomas had definitely seen better days when they co-starred in this silly British sex farce which sees Phillips encounter old school pal Thomas on sunny Menorca, as the cunning cad tries to flog off cheap plonk as quality French wine to the local tavernas.

Of course, when an aphrodisiac is added to the brew and a bunch of nubile young models (including Nadiuska, the so-called “sex bomb of the seventies”) have a few glasses, it’s not long before everyone on the island is at it.

This curio from the 1970s may not be as dire as the On the Buses movies or some of the later Carry Ons, but it’s not especially amusing and looks awfully dated now.

However, the stars still manage to exhibit consummate charm and professionalism despite the bawdy nonsense going on around them.

Mike Scott
Leslie Phillips
Sir Percy de Courcy
Graham Armitage
Dr Johnson
Frank Thornton
Ramiro Oliveros
Janet Scott
Sue Lloyd
Andrea Allan
Sally Farmiloe
Jaleh Haddah

Bob Kellett