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Star Virgin (1979)

In the distant future, a beautiful Space Virgin (blonde Hustler centrefold Kari Klark) is apparently the last of the human species. Manufactured in a “protoplasmic duplicator”, this star-struck cutie’s sexual desires are a complete mystery to her.

In desperation, she turns to her trusty robot, “Mentor”, (Kevin Thompson in a ridiculous outfit that looks like a garbage can with a smiley face on it) to explain the facts of life.

Mentor shows Star Virgin all about carnal life on the planet Earth through a series of vignettes, including cheerleaders using baby oil to have their way with an unconscious quarterback in order to revive him for a game, a 1950’s-themed rendition of the Garden of Eden (with Tracy Walton as a stunning Eve), Dracula finding himself a new bride (in a funny black and white parody of silent horror movies), a stripper performing with a snake, and two prostitutes servicing a room full of horny guys.

Star Virgin is actually quite an enjoyable story which moves along at a zippy pace and maintains an engaging good-natured tongue-in-cheek tone throughout. Of course, being a hardcore 70s porn movie, there is also wall-to-wall sex throughout.

The scenes in the football locker room were shot in director Howard Ziehm’s garage. The orgy sequence was shot there too.

Charles Dierkop wore a Richard Nixon mask for his role as Igor in the Dracula segment to ensure that no one would find out he had appeared in a porn movie. So, that worked well.

Space Virgin
Kari Klark
Kevin Thompson
Tracy Walton
Rocky Johnson
J.C. Phillips
Chris Anderson
Chris Bloom
Charles Dierkop
Johnny Harden
Terri Dolan
Judy Ziehm
Lisa Curry
Anne Magle
Coach Madhouse
Dundis Bloor
Roger Starstruck
Mike Ranger
Snake Dancer
Darcy Nicholas

Howard Ziehm