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Steptoe and Son Ride Again (1973)

The second feature film based on the successful Steptoe and Son television series.


Hercules the Steptoes’ horse has to retire and Harold, whilst searching for a replacement is conned into buying a greyhound. It fails to finish a race and Harold persuades Albert to feign death in order to collect the insurance.

It transpires that the insurance is no longer valid but the day after the funeral the insurance man returns with better news about the policy.

Features Diana Dors in a cameo role (trying to look alluring and sexy but, to be honest, she was well on her way to her latter Worm That Turned proportions by that time – but still a class turn), Milo O’Shea, Geoffrey Bayldon, Frank Thornton, Yootha Joyce, Bill Maynard and Sam Kydd.

Every time Harold gets in the lift of the tower block at the start and there is written on the wall ‘Johnny Jay the Odeon groper’ I fair near end myself.

There had been plans for a third Steptoe and Son film but they were abandoned when Steptoe and Son Ride Again did not perform as well at the box office as expected.


Albert Ladysmith Steptoe
Wilfrid Brambell
Harold Steptoe
Harry H. Corbett
Woman in flat
Diana Dors
Dr Popplewell
Milo O’Shea
Neil McCarthy
Lennie’s wife
Yootha Joyce
Bill Maynard
George Tovey
Percy’s wife
Olga Lowe
Sam Kydd
Claude’s wife
Joyce Hemson
Frankie Barrow
Henry Woolf
Geoffrey Bayldon
Mr Russell
Frank Thornton

Peter Sykes