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Story Of O, The (1975)

storyofo_004This tale of a woman who becomes a willing slave to the men she loves was banned in the UK for 25 years though it’s debatable these days as to what’s more shocking – Corinne Cléry’s sexual subservience or Udo Kier’s flared Cerruti trousers.

Dramatising the controversial sadomasochistic novel by Pauline Réage, Emmanuelle director Just Jaeckin takes a dreamy, soft-focus, shampoo commercial approach to the sexual content, though it remains eye-opening.

The addition of then-fashionable feminism – by withstanding all the pain and humiliation her lovers dish out, O proves herself stronger than they are – barely excuses the exploitative tableaux.

However, Jaeckin’s often unintentionally funny erotic epic stands as a 1970s landmark that blurred the soft- and hard-core imagery of its “anything goes” era.

The Story of O makes Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) look like a romantic fairytale.



O, a photographer
Corinne Cléry
Udo Kier
Sir Stephen H
Anthony Steel
Pierre, O’s valet
Jean Gaven
Christiane Minazzoli
Martine Kelly
Eric, Master III
Jean-Pierre Andréani

Just Jaeckin