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Strawberry Statement, The (1970)

Student Simon (Bruce Davison) gets caught up in the activities of a protest group while attempting to land a date with his dream girl, Linda (Kim Darby) – but his growing commitment to the cause soon drives all thoughts of romance from his mind.

Easy Rider (1969) showed studio executives that they didn’t need to wear a tie to the office and that there was a huge, untapped youth audience out there, running riot on the nation’s campuses to protest against the Vietnam War.

So Hollywood quickly came over all radical with movies such as Getting Straight (1970) and The Strawberry Statement in which Simon is turned into a militant and free love advocate by fellow student Linda.

It all ends with a frenzied riot and a stand-off with the National Guard while John Lennon sings Give Peace a Chance. Time capsule stuff.

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Bruce Davison
Kim Darby
Elliot, the coxswain
Bud Cort
Murray MacLeod

Stuart Hagmann