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Stud, The (1978)

At the height of Disco fever, Oliver Tobias played the lead role in Joan Collins’ finest hour and a half, The Stud.

The promising young manager of a London nightclub, Tony Blake (Tobias), is the virile darling of lonely, beautiful women who treat him as a sex object.


He is manipulated by the wife, Fontaine Khaled (Collins), of the owner of the club to satisfy her sexual needs, but he’s soon tempted by her nubile stepdaughter Alexandra (Emma Jacobs).

Fontaine intends to introduce Tony to the wilder excesses of swinging with a surreptitiously planned orgy in Paris, but there’s an unwelcome surprise or two in store for the gigolo.

Soon the shallowness of his existence (and the realisation that he is a disposable plaything for the well-heeled) strikes Tony, and after spending Christmas back in his East End roots, he suddenly displays a new moral awareness.

During glam’s heyday, Tobias was Britain’s answer to Warren Beatty – all tight shirts, hipster jeans, cleft chin, feather-cut bouffant and a permanent smirk which said, “I’ve just had a shag”.

In the late 1960s, he had been the lead in the British version of Hair – something he was not short of – thus guaranteeing a career in the Glam world of 70s England.

The film was so successful that it spawned a sequel, The Bitch (1979).

Tony Blake
Oliver Tobias
Fontaine Khaled

Joan Collins
Alex Khaled

Emma Jacobs
Vanessa Grant

Sue Lloyd
Ben Khaled

Walter Gotell
Leonard Grant

Mark Burns

Doug Fisher

Tony Allyn 
Ian Thane

Peter Lukas

Natalie Ogle

Quentin Masters