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Sunday in the Country (1974)

After robbing a local bank and killing two bank tellers, ruthless crims Dinelli (Louis Zorich), Ackerman (Cec Linder) and Leroy (Michael J. Pollard) run into two local youths at the side of the road in the open countryside.

The robbers gun down the driver (Ralph Endersby) and his girlfriend (Susan Petrie), steal their car and head for the open highway but finding that all roads out of Field County are blocked by the police, they take off on foot looking for a place to hide out until the heat dies down.

Finding a farm in the middle of nowhere, they cut the phone line and make their entrance.

Unfortunately for them, hard-working and god-fearing farmer Adam Smith (Ernest Borgnine) – at home with his granddaughter Lucy (Hollis McLaren) – has watched them approach and he’s prepared a welcome for them . . .

Smith blows Dinelli away with his shotgun and takes the other two captive, hanging them in his basement and meting out his own brand of justice.

Shot on location in rural Ontario, the film was released in some markets as Vengeance is Mine.

Adam Smith
Ernest Borgnine
Michael J. Pollard
Hollis McLaren
Louis Zorich
Cec Linder
Vladimír Valenta
Al Waxman
Tim Henry
Murray Westgate
Timmy Peterson
Ralph Endersby
Jennifer Logan
Susan Petrie
Ratch Wallace
Highway Patrol
Mark Walker
Gary Reineke
Station Master
Eric Clavering

John Trent