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That Lucky Touch (1975)

Roger Moore plays Michael Scott, a playboy arms dealer living in Brussels who is trying to interest NATO in some of his wares.

Susannah York is Julia Richardson, an investigative reporter and single parent who is covering the NATO wargames due to take place. It will come as no surprise that the mismatched pair meet and eventually fall in love.

Despite the rather bizarre set-up (NATO wargames, arms dealing etc) That Lucky Touch is a very disposable and lightweight comedy. It’s just about worth a watch for Roger Moore completists but you wouldn’t be missing an awful lot if you never got around to it.

Michael Scott
Roger Moore
Julia Richardson
Susannah York
Diana Steedman
Shelley Winters
Lt. Gen. Henry Steedman
Lee J. Cobb
Jean-Pierre Cassel
General Peruzzi
Raf Vallone
Sydne Rome
General Armstrong
Donald Sinden
Lt. Davis
Michael Shannon
Viscount L’Ardey
Aubrey Woods
Alfred Hoffman
David Richardson
Vincent Hall

Christopher Miles