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There’s A Girl In My Soup (1970)

Adapted by Terence Frisby and Peter Kortner from Frisby’s stage play, this is a very tame version of a sex comedy that ran and ran on both sides of the Atlantic.

Nearing the end of an illustrious career, Roy Boulting directs without much enthusiasm, allowing Peter Sellers to cruise through his role as womanising TV celebrity Robert Danvers who’s knocked off his stride by a chance encounter with dippy waif Marion (Goldie Hawn).

Despite his meagre helping of wisecracks, the miscast Sellers still teams surprisingly well with Hawn, who also has some funny scenes with ditched boyfriend Jimmy (Nicky Henson), but overall this is a missed opportunity.

girlsinmysoupRobert Danvers
Peter Sellers
Goldie Hawn
Andrew Hunter
Tony Britton
Nicky Henson
John Comer
John’s wife
Diana Dors
Julia Halforde-Smythe
Gabrielle Drake
Geraldine Sherman
Lady Heather
Judy Campbell
Nicola Pagett
Christopher Cazenove

Roy Boulting