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This, That and the Other! (1970)

A trilogy of sexploitation comedy stories from producer Stanley Long, the king of British sexploitation films.

“This” stars Vanda Hudson as fading sex symbol Susan Stress who attempts to win the lead in a movie by seducing a naive lowly camera assistant (a young pre-Sweeney Dennis Waterman) who she mistakes for the teenage son of a producer (pictured at left).

In “That”, Victor Spinetti stars as George, a depressed middle-aged loner whose suicide attempt in his central London mews apartment is interrupted by the arrival of pretty Barbara (Vanessa Howard) and a bunch of her swinging friends – including Valerie Leon and Alexandra Bastedo – who are looking for a party and turn up at George’s gaff by mistake (pictured at top of page).

“The Other” features Harold (John Bird, pictured below right), a taxi driver and avid sex film fan.

One day, Harold crashes his cab after being distracted by the leggy charms of his latest passenger (Hammer starlet Yutte Stensgaard) and – after suffering a nasty bang on the head – hallucinates about being chased around a forest by shapely girls.

Released in some markets as A Promise of Bed.

George Tomlin Makepeace
Victor Spinetti
Vanessa Howard
Dennis Waterman
Susan Stress
Vanda Hudson
Harold the Taxi Driver
John Bird
Gordon Sterne
Peter Kinsley
Roy Brannigan
Bath Girl
Valerie Leon
Exposure Girl
Heather Barber
Alexandra Bastedo
Christopher Mitchell
Taxi Girl
Yutte Stensgaard
Flower Girl
Angie Grant
Hands Girl
Cleo Goldstein
Sue Cole
Snake Girl
Sheila Ruskin
Party Girl
Siobhan Taylor
Robin Courbet

Derek Ford