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Tiger’s Don’t Cry (1977)

This South African production stars Anthony Quinn as “Sailor” Slade, a male nurse who is assigned to tend to ailing President Bobo Lunda (Simon Sabela), nicknamed “Tiger of Gambia”.

Security arrangements are water-tight since the President is living under the threat of assassination. In fact, an assassin called Shannon (John Phillip Law) is already stalking his victim.

Things take a sudden turn when Slade – who is dying of cancer and needs some funds to give to his daughter – kidnaps the President and holds him to ransom.

The story takes on further twists, such as discovering that Shannon is under orders to assassinate the President by direct command of the President’s own minister, and Slade – having received the ransom and put his victim’s life in danger – trying to save him.

Even if the action sometimes borders on the ludicrous, it doesn’t fail to entertain.

Released in some markets under the (less imaginative) title Target of an Assassin.

Ernest Hobday ‘Sailor’ Slade
Anthony Quinn
John Phillip Law
President Bobo Lunda
Simon Sabela
Colonel Albert Pahler
Marius Weyers
Sister Janet Hobart
Sandra Prinsloo
Dr Ben Schaeffer
Joe Stewardson
Minister Manga
Ken Gampu
Ginny Slade
Janet du Plessis
Captain Maurer
Barry Trengove
Chris du Toit
Communications Officer
Regardt van den Bergh
South African Cabinet Minister
Hugh Rouse
Sister Killeen
Lisa Shane
Television Reporter
Alvon Collison

Peter Collinson