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Tilt (1979)

Brenda Davenport – a.k.a “Tilt” (Brooke Shields) – is a precocious 14-year-old pinball wizard and runaway.

She hooks up with Neil Gallagher (Ken Marshall), an older guy who is an aspiring country singer.

Together they hatch a scheme to finance his music career through Tilt’s pinball hustling.

She uses her incredible pinball skills from arcade to arcade, state to state, with their earnings mounting all the time. They eventually head to Corpus Christi, Texas, for Tilt to do battle with ‘The Whale’ (Charles Durning), an overweight hustler and reportedly the best pinball player in the country.

The stakes are high – their entire $3500 earnings . . .

The film was released as a TV movie before being released on VHS.

Tilt (Brenda Louise Davenport)
Brooke Shields
Neil Gallagher
Ken Marshall
Harold ‘The Whale’ Remmens
Charles Durning
John Crawford
Karen Lamm
Mr Davenport
Gregory Walcott
Mrs Davenport
Helen Boll
Henry Bertolino
Harvey Lewis
Rob Berger
Gary Laswitz
Don Stark
Casey Silverwater
Lorenzo Lamas
Gary Mule Deer
George Jacobs
Rock Manager (Carrots)
Frank Pesce

Rudy Durand