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Together Brothers (1974)

Five-year-old Tommy (Anthony Wilson) witnesses the murder of kindly policeman ‘Mr Kool’ (Ed Bernard) – a well respected and admired figure in the community – and is rendered mute by the shock.

Tommy’s teenaged gang-leader brother HJ (Ahmad Nurradin) – who considered the cop a mentor  – realises his sibling will be targeted soon and tries to solve the murder himself.

While the cops are frustratingly slow to follow up on leads, HJ’s gang seeks a truce with rivals led by Vega (Richard Yniquez) while racing against time to locate the killer and protect Tommy.

A low budget Blaxploitation offering, Together Brothers was filmed entirely on location in Galveston, Texas. The soundtrack by Barry White and his Love Unlimited Orchestra is arguably more famous than the movie.

Ahmad Nurradin
Anthony Wilson
Nelson Sims
Mau Mau
Kenneth Bell
Owen Pace
Gri Gri
Kim Dorsey
Mr Kool
Ed Bernard
Billy Most
Lincoln Kilpatrick
Dr Johnson
Glynn Turman
Richard Yniguez
Strokes McGee
Mwako Cumbuka
Mama Wes
Frances E. Williams
Craig Campfield
Rev Mary Healing Brown
Bessie Griffin
Lynne Holmes

William A. Graham