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Trip with the Teacher (1975)

Psycho biker brothers Al (Zalman King) and Pete (Robert Porter) discover a group of four nubile female students – Pam (Susie Russell), Julie (Cathy Worthington), Tina (Jill Voight) and Bobbie (Dina Ousley) – and their prissy teacher, Miss Tenny (Brenda Fogerty) in a broken-down bus in the remote California desert.

The bikers tow the bus to an abandoned shack where they kill the bus driver (Jack Driscoll) and humiliate, rape and terrorise the helpless women.

King’s acting is totally out of control as he sneers, rants, snickers, whips, rapes and kills.

The females are pretty slow about their escape possibilities and nice guy motorcyclist Jay (Robert Gribbin), who met the brothers on the road, eventually comes to their (violent) rescue.

Trip with the Teacher was filmed in 13 days in May 1973. Director Earl Barton borrowed some money from his father in order to finish the film.

King later gained fame and fortune producing and directing erotic movies – including Two Moon Junction (1988) – and cable TV shows.

Zalman King
Miss Tenny
Brenda Fogarty
Cathy Worthington
Dina Ousley
Jill Voight
Susie Russell
Robert Porter
Robert Gribbin
Station Attendant
Ed Cross
Marvin the Bus Driver
Jack Driscoll

Earl Barton