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Trog (1970)

Trog is undoubtedly one of the campest and unintentionally hilarious films to ever star a former Academy Award winner and cult fans delight in this tale of a world-famous anthropologist (Joan Crawford hamming it up superbly) who discovers a living troglodyte at the bottom of a Yorkshire pothole.


Granted it was shot nearly 25 years after silver screen icon Crawford picked up Oscar gold, but still, it’s mind-boggling.

Dr Brockton (Crawford) puts “Trog” in a rather fragile cage in her conveniently adjacent research institute and is on the verge of teaching him coherent speech when nasty posh baddie Sam Murdock (Michael Gough) prods the brute into a blind rampage and releases him.

Posh baddie pays the price but a grocer is impaled on a meat hook, a car is tossed aside like a twig, a child is kidnapped . . . so poor old Trog eventually has to be destroyed. It’s terrible bunkum but great fun.

The make-up of the troglodyte, AKA Trog, is hilariously bad, but then again so are Crawford’s boldly coloured pantsuits.

Trog was Crawford’s final film.


Dr Brockton
Joan Crawford
Sam Murdock
Michael Gough
Joe Cornelius
Inspector Greenham
Bernard Kay
Ann Brockton
Kim Braden
Malcolm Travers
David Griffin
John Hamill
Dr Selbourne
Jack May
Geoffrey Case
Dr Richard Warren
Robert Hutton
Colonel Vickers
Simon Lack
Alan Davis
David Warbeck
Dr Kurtlimer
Paul Hansard
Dr Pierre Duval
Robert Crewdson
John Dennis
Brian Grellis
Prof Manoskiensky
Golda Casimir

Freddie Francis