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Twinky (1970)

Hardman Charles Bronson in a British sex comedy from the Swinging London era? As bizarre as it sounds, Bronson plays the fortyish American writer of erotic novels, Scott Wardman, who is seduced, married and then deserted by the titular 16-year old nymphet (Susan George).

Trevor Howard, Jack Hawkins, Lionel Jeffries and Robert Morley put in brief appearances. The voice of Jack Hawkins, whose larynx was removed in the late 1960s, was provided by Charles Gray (uncredited), who often overdubbed his voice in Hawkins’ later years due to their similarities in speech.

Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck plays a character called Norman Vaughan, and Norman Vaughan plays a character named Jimmy Tarbuck. The theme song was written and performed by Jim Dale.

Released in some markets as Lola.

Scott Wardman
Charles Bronson
Hal Wardman
Orson Bean
Susan George
Honor Blackman
Michael Craig
Mr Wardman (Scott’s Father)
Paul Ford
Mrs Wardman (Scott’s Mother)
Kay Medford
Judge Millington-Draper
Jack Hawkins
Trevor Howard
Mr Creighton, Solicitor
Lionel Jeffries
Judge Roxborough
Robert Morley
Nice Mrs Finchley
Peggy Aitchison
Mean New York Judge
Tony Arpino
Tight Scottish Clerk
Eric Barker
Lawyer’s Elderly Client
Erik Chitty

Richard Donner