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Twins of Evil (1971)

In 19th Century Europe, identical twins Maria and Frieda Gellhorn arrive in the small village of Karnstein. One of them is good, the other is bad.

Frieda is initiated into a vampire cult, and a number of deaths sweep the area.

The twins’ guardian – the puritanical Gustav Weil (Peter Cushing) – heads up a vigilante group called ‘the Brotherhood’ who conduct witch hunts and have vowed to end the threat of vampirism.

Frieda is captured by Weil and ordered to be burned, but the deadly Count Karnstein swaps the girls over and it is the innocent Maria who is set to face the flames.

Mary and Madeleine Collinson were from Malta and had thick Maltese accents. As they had done with other foreign actors, Hammer simply had their dialogue replaced by British performers.

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Gustav Weil
Peter Cushing
Frieda Gellhorn
Madelaine Collinson
Maria Gellhorn
Mary Collinson
Katy Weil
Kathleen Byron
Count Karnstein
Damien Thomas
Anton Hoffer
David Warbeck
Ingrid Hoffer
Isobel Black
Harvey Hall
Alex Scott
Luan Peters
Countess Mircalla
Katya Wyeth
Roy Stewart
Dennis Price
Maggie Wright

John Hough