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Under the Doctor (1976)

A British sex comedy about a doctor, a bevy of beautiful women and their sexual problems. Can the overworked and over-titillated doctor help his patients while resisting the urge to help himself?

The film consists of four stories linked by people recounting them to their psychiatrist, Dr Boyd (Barry Evans).

The first patient, Marion Parson (Penny Spencer exPlease Sir!) is a young woman who has erotic fantasies about potential employer Mr Johnson (Barry Evans again) at a job interview.

The second patient, the noble Lady Victoria Stockbridge (Hilary Pritchard), tells the tale of how she supports her luxurious lifestyle by wheedling inside information on the stock market from smitten banker Rodney Harrington-Harrington (Jonathan Cecil) – he with the lecherous butler, Wilkins (Peter Cleall – also exPlease Sir!).

She then relates her fantasy of being an 18th-century lady being duelled over by the foppish Lord Woodbridge (Jonathan Cecil again) and the dashing Lieutenant Cranshaw (Barry Evans again).

The final patient is Sandra (Liz Fraser) who is singles and lives at home with her mother but fantasises about rekindling the flame with her imaginary husband Colin (Evans once again).

Penny Spencer is the youngest, prettiest and most naked, while Hilary Pritchard contributes some worthwhile topless views and Liz Fraser is wonderful as always in the sexy lingerie department.

Doctor Boyd/Mr Johnson/Lt. Cranshaw/Colin Foster
Barry Evans
Liz Fraser
Lady Victoria Stockbridge
Hilary Pritchard
Marion Parson
Penny Spencer
Rodney Harrington-Harrington/Lord Woodbridge
Jonathan Cecil
Nurse Addison
Elizabeth Counsell
Peter Cleall

Gerry Poulson