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Ups and Downs of a Handyman, The (1975)

Bob (Barry Stokes) and Maggie (Penny Meredith) inherit a country cottage in a sleepy English village from her late aunt, but job opportunities in the area are scarce. Bob advertises his services as a general handyman and finds himself inundated with calls from sex-starved women who have “jobs requiring urgent attention”.

Known at various times as Confessions of a Handyman, Confessions of an Odd-Job Man and The Happy Housewives, this is another cheap-and-cheerful sex comedy in the vein of Timothy Lea’s naughty bestsellers.

Barry Stokes brings a certain cheeky charm to the title role, while Gay Soper (the narrator of stop motion pre-school animation The Flumps!), Sue Lloyd and Valerie Leon find him plenty to do around the house.

What little comedy there is comes from Benny Hill stalwart Bob Todd, as the local magistrate (spanking a woman in the shower while wearing a bowler hat) and surreal Scottish comedian Chic Murray, as a harassed bobby.

Derrick Slater’s script is one long smutty gag, while John Sealey’s direction is perfunctory at best. Anyone seeking nudity was very well-served. Anyone seeking decent laughs may be more let down.

Barry Stokes
Gay Soper
Sue Lloyd
Squire Bullsworthy
Bob Todd
Mrs Bullsworthy
Olivia Syson
PC Knowles
Chic Murray
Robert Dorning
Newsagent’s daughter
Helli Louise
Maggie (Margaretta)
Penny Meredith
Farmer Elgin
John Blythe
Valerie Leon
Harold Bennett
Julie Bond
Mrs Wain
Jeannie Collings
Mrs Knowles
Alexandra Dane
Ava Cadell
Pauline Letts
Jenny Elgin
Nita Lorraine

John Sealey