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Vampire Circus (1972)

In 19th century Serbia, the town of Schettel is cut off from the rest of the world by the plague. The local doctor (Richard Owens) tries to procure some medicine from the outside world, along with his son Anton (John Moulder-Brown).

Upon his return to Schettel, Anton finds a circus – the “Circus of Nights” – has been set up there with a Gypsy woman (Adrienne Corri), a clown-faced dwarf (Skip Martin), a strongman (David Prowse), twin acrobats (Robin Sachs and Lalla Ward) and various others in tow.

Shortly afterwards people in the town begin to die mysteriously, their bodies drained of blood.

vampirecircus3 vampirecircus4

It transpires that the ‘circus’ is populated by vampires able to change into animals at will, and is run by Emil (Anthony Corlan), a cousin of the notorious Count Mitterhouse (Robert Tayman), killed by a stake through his heart some fifteen years earlier.

Hammer re-used the sets from Twins of Evil (1971) for Vampire Circus.

vampirecircus11Gypsy woman
Adrienne Corri
Albert Mueller
Laurence Payne
Burgermeister Peter
Thorley Walters
Anton Kersh
John Moulder-Brown
Anthony Corlan
Dora Mueller
Lynne Frederick
vampirecircus13Anna Mueller
Domini Blythe
Dr Kersh
Richard Owens
Robin Hunter
Gerta Hauser
Elisabeth Seal
Gustav Hauser
Barnaby Shaw
Jon Hauser
Roderick Shaw
Skip Martin
Count Mitterhaus
Robert Tayman
John Bown
Jenny Schilt
Jane Derby
Mrs Schilt
Sibylla Kay
Mary Wimbush
Christina Paul
Robin Sachs
Lalla Ward
David Prowse
Granma Schilt
Dorothy Frere

Robert Young