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Van Nuys Blvd. (1979)

A young man named Bobby (Bill Adler) leaves his small town and drives his custom van to Van Nuys Boulevard – in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles – where he hopes to find plenty of action amidst the “cruising” culture there.

Along the way, he meets drag racing fans Chooch (David Hayward) and Greg (Dennis Bowen) and a beautiful young blonde girl named Moon (seventies Playboy Playmate Cynthia Wood).

We see a feud erupt between Greg and a passing driver after he claims he saw his date, Camille (Melissa Prophet), in his dreams. She is not impressed and leaves them to smash up each other’s cars for no very good reason, hitching a ride with Moon in her van.

Meanwhile, Bobby is at a drive-in diner getting it on in the back of his vehicle with a waitress, Wanda (Tara Strohmeier), although Wanda seems to get passed around a lot, from the policeman Al Zass (Dana Gladstone) – so-called so that characters can make it sound as if they’re saying “officer’s ass” when they mention him, to the more lighthearted comedy stylings of Chooch who falls for her.

That officer, so down on the kids and their racing and general fun-making, ends up handcuffed to his patrol car in his underwear for practically the whole film, as meanwhile, the six carefree protagonists indulge in such pursuits as going on a rollercoaster, playing air hockey, and getting your girlfriend’s father to feel you up (what?).

There’s no real plot to speak of – just a few days romp with Bobby and the kids, some cruising, drag racing, disco dancing and lots of bare breasts.

Bill Adler
Cynthia Wood
Dennis Bowen
Melissa Prophet
Chooch (Leon Barnes)
David Hayward
Tara Strohmeier
Officer Albert Zass
Dana Gladstone
Mrs Zass
Bella Bruck
Don Sawyer
Jim Kester
Nurse Bradley
Minnie Summers Lindsey
Susanne Severeid
Mary Ellen O’Neill
Renee Harmon
Matthew Tobin
Diana Daniels
Motorcycle Girl
Di Ann Monaco

William Sachs