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Virgin Witch (1972)

Pretty young Christine (Ann Michelle) and her younger sister Betty (future ‘Allo ‘Allo star Vicki Michelle in her acting debut) get mixed up in the world of witchcraft, via a modelling agency run by a woman called Sybil (former Mrs Michael Caine, Patricia Haines) who also happens to be the lesbian High Priestess of a coven.

When the girls go to a country manor for Christine’s photoshoot, Betty becomes concerned that her brash older sister has decided that she likes what she sees and wants to know more about becoming a witch.

There’s no real story, the acting is pretty terrible and the “twist” ending is silly, but almost every scene features some nudity – including lots of Ann Michelle’s very hairy bush (it was 1972) – so fans of softcore sexploitation won’t be disappointed.

Christine Lane
Ann Michelle
Betty Lane
Vicki Michelle
Keith Buckley
Sybil Waite
Patricia Haines
James Chase
Mrs Wendell
Paula Wright
Christopher Strain
Esme Smythe
Garth Watkins
Dr Gerald Amberley
Neil Hallett
Abby Darke
Helen Downing
Club Manager
Peter Halliday
Coven Members
Maria Coyne
Prudence Drage

Ray Austin