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Warlords of Atlantis (1978)

It may be small change compared with today’s CGI monster movies, but this is still a decent romp from director Kevin Connor, and it’s far better paced than The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

While on a nautical archaeological expedition off Bermuda in 1896, Professor Aitken (Donald Bisset), his son Charles (Peter Gilmore) and Greg Collinson (clean-cut Hollywood hero Doug McClure who’s about as Victorian as skateboards) discover the fabled city of Atlantis (ruled, would you believe, by Cyd Charisse and Daniel Massey) and its monstrous menagerie of sundry sea beasties – including a giant octopus.

The inhabitants of the lost continent are, in fact, an advance alien race of underwater fascists who want to conquer the planet and enslave the human race to create a pseudo-nazi state.

Collinson falls for a beautiful gill lady named Delphine (Lea Brodie), who can lead the expedition to safety but must ultimately remain behind and pay the price for her noble gesture.

Filmed on location in Malta and at Pinewood Studios, the sets and the creatures are as wobbly as the script and the performances, but that’s just part of the charm of this cheesy romp.

Released as Warlords of the Deep in the US.

Greg Collinson
Doug McClure
Charles Aitken
Peter Gilmore
Captain Daniels
Shane Rimmer
Delphine Briggs
Lea Brodie
Michael Gothard
Hal Galili
John Ratzenberger
Derry Power
Professor Aitken
Donald Bisset
Ashley Knight
Captain Briggs
Robert Brown
Cyd Charisse
Daniel Massey

Kevin Connor