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Werewolves On Wheels (1971)

A motorcycle gang, The Devils Advocates, led by Adam (Stephen Oliver) visits a monastery and are turned on to Satanism by creepy monk Severn Darden, leading to lengthy scenes depicting various occult rituals, drug trips, and female nudity.

After a dull first 20 minutes – during which we meet the interchangeable members of the gang – the story gains a smidgen of momentum once the bikers arrive at the weird temple occupied by the robe-wearing cultists. Led by a guru named “One” (Darden), the cultists ply the bikers with drugged bread and wine, then perform some weird ritual involving a sacrificed cat, some stolen hair, and the sexual violation of a girl from the biker gang.

Once the bikers leave the temple, the ritual somehow has the effect of turning random bikers into werewolves, resulting in brief and unclear scenes of nocturnal monster attacks.

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Mistaking the murders for the direct handiwork of the cultists, Adam leads his people on a revenge mission, only to have that endeavour subverted by a mass transformation of several bikers into canines.

It’s not very good and has such a thin storyline that long passages of the film comprise nothing but quasi-documentary footage of bikers hanging out, picking fights, and screwing their compliant female companions.

The motorcycle-riding werewolf only appears in the last few minutes of the film but cult devotees will be happy in the interim watching such minor celebrities as Billy Gray (the child star of Father Knows Best who was fresh off a marijuana arrest) and Barry McGuire (singer of the seminal 60’s protest song Eve of Destruction).

Stunt coordinator Chuck Bail went on to direct The Gumball Rally (1976) and several blaxploitation films.

werewolvesonwheels_701High Priest (“One”)
Severn Darden

Barry McGuire

Gray Johnson

Steven J. Oliver

Owen Orr

Deuce Berry

Donna Anderson

Anna Lynn Brown

Billy Gray
Gas Station Operator 

Leonard Rogel

Michel Levesque