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What Became Of Jack and Jill? (1972)

In order to collect his gran’s inheritance money, lazy, amoral Johnny Tallent (Paul Nicholas) and his sexy but cold-as-ice girlfriend Jill Standish (Vanessa Howard) try to induce a heart attack in his invalid grandmother, Alice (Mona Washbourne,) – who has a heart condition – by convincing her that radical youth supremacists have taken over England and they intend to enact genocide on the elderly (like her).

He pretends that a riot on television is part of this and sprays ‘Out with the Oldies’ on the wall outside to further frighten his timid grandmother.

Johnny even tells her that the youth movement is going to start coming around personally to apprehend the old folks and force them out of their homes.

This British psycho-thriller came from Amicus – who had a strong run of anthology horror films in the early 70s – but sank without much fanfare.

The story is slow and mostly uneventful (Large chunks of the film consist of Mona Washbourne shuffling around the dark house) enlivened by Nicholas and Howard and their mounting arguments when their carefully laid plans come to nothing in their drizzly lives of 70’s drudgery.

Jill Standish
Vanessa Howard
Gran Alice Tallent
Mona Washbourne
Johnny Tallent
Paul Nicholas
George Benson
George A. Cooper
Peter Copley
Angela Down
Patricia Fuller
Dr Graham
Peter Jeffrey
Renee Roberts
Lillias Walker

Bill Bain