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What’s Up Nurse? (1977)

When bumbling young Dr Robert “Sweeney” Todd (Nicholas Field) arrives for his first day of work at a new hospital, things quickly heat up as he becomes intimately involved with his boss’s daughter, Olivia (Felicity Devonshire) who can only reach sexual satisfaction in moving vehicles.

Dr Todd lodges with young widow Helen Arkwright (Angela Grant) and interacts with hospital orderly Carthew (Graham Stark) and the hospital Matron (Kate Williams). His patients include a man who believes he has a “frog” in his throat (Keith Smith) and a gentleman who has an unfortunate problem with a jam jar (Ronnie Brody).

Along the way, Dr Sweeney causes a local bigwig to take a mad ride on a hospital trolley with a broomstick protruding from a painful place, makes a glamorous female fire-eater set herself alight, and gets stripped naked at a nudist club when he is suspected of being a voyeur.

The supporting cast of respected British character actors is poorly served by the script: John Le Mesurier is off-form as Olivia’s father, senior surgeon Dr Ogden (a man not renowned for his even temper), and the tag-team of Peter Butterworth and Jack Douglas are a welcome presence but get too little screen time in their roles as coppers.

Anna Karen (from On The Buses) and Andrew Sachs (Fawlty Towers) barely get a scene between them, and likewise for the inimitable Bill Pertwee (Dad’s Army).

It’s basically Carry On Doctor with fewer laughs and more nudity.

Dr Robert “Sweeney” Todd
Nicholas Field
Olivia Ogden
Felicity Devonshire
Dr Ogden
John Le Mesurier
Graham Stark
Kate Williams
Helen Arkwright
Angela Grant
Mrs Garrard
Sheila Bernette
Police Sergeant
Peter Butterworth
Jack Douglas
Anna Karen
Aquarium proprietor
Chic Murray
Flash Harry Harrison
Bill Pertwee
Guido, the waiter
Andrew Sachs
Mr Newberry
Keith Smith
Jam Jar man
Ronnie Brody
Frank Williams

Derek Ford