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Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me? (1971)

Georgie Soloway (Dustin Hoffman) is a successful Dylanesque singer and songwriter – with a palatial New York penthouse and a private jet – but his love life has not been blossoming the same way his career has. He puts this down to his collection of girlfriends being put off him by the machinations of a mystery man calling himself Harry Kellerman.

Who is Harry Kellerman and why does he keep calling up Georgie’s acquaintances and badmouthing him, to the extent that they don’t want to see him anymore?

Key characters included Georgie’s ageing father, Leonard (David Galef); his long-suffering accountant, Irwin (Dom DeLuise); his confrontational psychotherapist, Dr Moses (Jack Warden); and troubled actress Allison Densmore (Barbara Harris), who he meets when she auditions for a show that Georgie has cowritten.

The situation has become so bad that Georgie has decided to commit suicide, but it seems Georgie can’t even get that right.

Georgie Soloway
Dustin Hoffman
Allison Densmore
Barbara Harris
Dr Solomon F. Moses
Jack Warden
Leon Soloway
David Burns
Sidney Gill
Gabriel Dell
Margot Soloway
Betty Walker
Gloria Soloway
Rose Gregorio
Irwin Marcy
Dom DeLuise
Ruthie Tresh
Regina Baff
Leonard Soloway
David Galef
Peter Halloran
Ed Zimmermann
Amy Levitt
Joe Sicari
Josip Elic
James Hall
Sherry Rooney
Robyn Millan
Danny Charleston
Walter Hyman Jr.
Shel Silverstein
Candice Azzara
Uncle Louis
Marty Greene
Sidney Armus
Dr Hook

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